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A project of the Nevada Conservation League
Did Your Representatives Vote to Protect Our Air, Land & Water in Nevada?
Know the score

Dear Nevadans,

Since 2003, the Nevada Conservation League has been creating the Conservation Scorecard to help Nevadans see how well their legislators protect our climate, air, water, land, and communities. Our Conservation Scorecard provides information about critical environmental legislation considered and votes taken during the 2023 Nevada Legislative Session.

Nevada has earned a reputation as a national leader in climate action, clean energy, and conservation, and we continued to make progress on these critical issues during the 2023 Legislative Session. This session, our legislative leaders put public and environmental health at the forefront of their work. With the help of conservation groups and advocates, the Nevada Conservation League was able to secure the passage of major policy priorities to protect Nevada’s lands and wildlife, and advance clean energy solutions, all while leveraging federal funding from the Affordable Clean Energy Plan.

This legislative progress could not have been achieved without the passionate Nevadans who made their voices heard. Collaborating with environmental partner organizations, we hosted another successful Conservation Lobby Day with 65 advocates in attendance. Additionally, throughout the session, hundreds of our members took action by contacting their elected officials regarding key conservation issues.

Even with these environmental victories, we still continue to face threats to our bedrock environmental laws from the fossil fuel industry and anti-conservation politicians. It will take vigilance from everyone that cares about our state to make sure that we don't move backwards, but continue to make positive progress. NCL is fighting side by side with our partners to hold the line, and we need your help to make sure we win these fights.

In all, the 82nd Legislative Session saw strong progress and leadership on some important issues to Nevada voters. We advanced clean energy initiatives, protected public lands and water, and invested in the health of our communities. But there is still work to be done. The climate crisis continues to induce extreme weather events across the country — and Nevada is on the frontline. These disastrous events are signals from our earth that we must do more to protect it. We need to remind our elected officials what is at stake: a cleaner, healthier, more equitable future. We know a win for our environment is a win for all communities.

That is why it is important to use the scorecard not as stopping point, but as a progress report as we work to make sure that Nevada is leading on clean renewable energy, that Nevadans have access to our treasured public lands, and that no matter where you live in the state, you have access to clean air, clean water, and an environment free of harmful pollution.

Thank you for your support and for checking out the 2023 Conservation Scorecard.

Christi Cabrera-Georgeson
Deputy Director
Nevada Conservation League