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2017 Honor Roll

Senator Aaron FordSpeaker Jason FriersonSpeaker Jason Frierson and Senator Aaron Ford – No legislative victory happens without strong leadership, and that’s exactly what we got from Speaker Jason Frierson and Senator Aaron Ford this session. The legislative leaders made it clear at the beginning of session that expanding clean energy and protecting our public lands would be top priorities, and then they delivered on these promises.

Assemblyman Chris Brooks – Assemblyman Brooks had a long record of building Nevada’s clean energy economy long before he got to the Legislature, so it’s no surprise that he quickly became the go to lawmaker for all things energy and guided key legislation to the finish line.

Senator Pat Spearman – For multiple session, Senator Spearman has been vocal about the need for Nevada to be a leader on energy issues and have a plan to dramatically increase our clean energy production. Thanks to her work this session, we’re much further down that road.

Assemblywoman Heidi Swank – Gold Butte and Basin & Range National Monuments have been in the crosshairs of the Trump administration from the very beginning. Assemblywoman Swank was the clear legislative champion for protecting our monuments and promoting their value to all Nevadans as this fight continues.

Senator Nicole Cannizzaro – Senator Cannizzaro wasted no time in her first session as she was a key voice for our public lands and guided legislation creating Nevada’s first Public Lands Day

Assemblywoman Jill Tolles – Clean energy is not a partisan issue and Assemblwoman Tolles was the best example of that this session. She did her homework, listened to her constituents and was a key voice to advance clean energy legislation.

Senator Pete Goicoechea – Anyone who has been around the legislative process in Nevada knows that you can’t change water law without working with Senator Goicoechea. Once again, his knowledge of the law and on-the-ground experience ensured that the 2017 session didn’t change the law in a way that would negatively affect our natural resources.